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The Blue Book is

What We Wish We Had Known
Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church


Because of the fear and loneliness around the subject of sexual orientation, our church has produced a helpful and healing resource we call "The Bluebook". (No mystical meanings here; just a reference to the hard copy version ---which has a plain blue cover).

The complete title is, "What We Wish We Had Known --- a Resource to Help End the Silence"

The book has been extremely well received at libraries, seminaries, and educational conferences. Also, letters and orders from physicians, clergy and therapists tell us that helping professionals are now using it in their practices. Their enthusiasm and broad use of the book has been gratifying.

Many people are now aware that American children often receive unintended messages in Christian education and worship which cause them to disrespect gay people, and even to despise themselves should they discover that they themselves are gay. This issue, and others so critical to healthy human development and cultural understanding, is included in the booklet.

The book is gently and carefully written in a "Question and Answer" format. It's purpose is to help families and congregations heal broken relationships, and affirm the differences that make us human together. It's an extraordinary book about...well, about ordinary people. It is intended for those who know very little about the subject, as well as those whose families and personal lives have been deeply affected by misunderstanding

The subject is considered in four aspects: Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology. A complete bibliography is found at the end of the work.

Browse through the online book like you browse through a library or bookstore, picking and choosing the topics that interest you most, at least at the present time. (Not everyone cares equally about everything at the same time!)

Because the subject of sexual orientation has been taboo too long, even among the most educated people, and because people have little time for learning in today's stressful world, you'll find that the online Bluebook is an important and quick read.

Simply scan through the most "Frequently Asked Question" page until you see a question or issue that intrigues you. Then, "highlight" the question... and presto!..... the online book instantly opens to the page and the paragraph you want. Not bad, huh?

Now, we invite you to enjoy the online version of The Bluebook, with our compliments.

Click here for a PDF Copy of the book  The Blue Book .

We hope families will learn something new, and treasure even more the unique spirit of creation which God has breathed into every life.

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